Created for the Support Network for Indigenous Women and Women of Colour’s (SNIWWOC) #Representationmatters Indigenous art exhibit. The digital exhibit can be viewed online here.

un·earth | \ ˌən-ˈərth
1: to dig up out of or as if out of the earth: EXHUME
2: to make known or public: bring to light

The media is a powerful tool for shaping thoughts and opinions. When the media is dominated by one voice and worldview, it marginalizes and diminishes the perspectives and identities of those whose beliefs and ways of being differ from the mainstream milieu. More adversely, it can demonize and condemn the views and actions of the non-dominant voices; influencing the minds of the mainstream to reject that which is unfamiliar and unconventional.

Unearthed is a call to action for more equitable and intentional representation of Indigenous voices and perspectives in the news media. The news print articles selected for the piece demonstrate the pejorative and prejudicial way Indigenous people have not only been treated, but also described and reported on in the news print media, ranging in date from 1881 to 2020.

Unearthed calls on news media outlets to include Indigenous people in the curation and development of news publications, to consider the harmful impacts that news media can have on Indigenous people and cultures, and to include content that values and respects Indigenous cultures, knowledge and worldviews.

Unearthed encourages everyone to think critically about the dominant voice behind the news that they consume, approach different worldviews and ways of being with an open mind and seek authentic sources for information on Indigenous people’s experiences, cultures and perspectives.

– Mal Blondeau – November 2020